Common Amazon Seller Suspensions and How to Handle Them

Common Amazon Seller Suspensions and How to Handle Them

The worst nightmare of any amazon seller is to receive a notification about their account being suspended. However, receiving an Amazon seller’s suspension is not the end of the world. You still have a chance to appeal to their sales relations team. The best way to do this is through an experienced Amazon suspension Lawyer. This post illustrates the common Amazon seller’s suspensions you can find and the best approach to handling them.

The Common Causes of Amazon Seller’s Suspension

Many  Amazon sellers may be suspended on the following basis:

  1. Inauthentic:

The word inauthentic is used by Amazon to illustrate products/ASINS with the wrong profile. This is one of the most common reasons why Amazon suspends sellers. For example, if a product that is sold out is assigned as being new and available on Amazon’s selling profile.

Also, this type of suspension comes from annotating a generic product as being a private label to major customers. When Amazon sends a suspension notification as being inauthentic, they are not referring to the product as being obscure or fake. However, they want to identify the distribution channel or source.

  1. Intellectual Properties:

This is a legal form of suspension which occurs as a result of Amazon receiving complaints from manufacturers of a product purporting an unauthorized sale of a particular product. In most situations, the company in question will send a cease and desist letter that could threaten a complaint to Amazon and result in a legal issue. Amazon has no choice but to issue a suspension with a list of ASINS illustrating the products to protect their interest.

How to Handle Amazon Seller’s Suspension

  1. Find out the reason why Amazon suspend your account

Once you receive a suspension on your selling rights by Amazon, your first approach is to figure out the reason for such suspension. Trace any internal issues concerning a product. Look for complaints made by customers about late shipments/delivery, faulty products, and other related matters. Think of what could have been done better and work towards drafting out a business plan to prevent likely suspensions in the future. All these form the basis of a Point of Action document.

  1. Talk to a lawyer

Furthermore, another best way to handle amazon suspensions is to consult an experienced Amazon suspension lawyer. Such a person comes in handy in issues relating to trademarks, intellectual property, and rights owners notice permit. So, they can instigate companies sending such cease and desist letters to refute them.

In minimal cases, you can consult an Amazon suspension lawyer to help draft out a point of Action document to submit to the Amazon sales team. Also, if a particular product or company proves to be problematic, it would be the best case not to place such a product on Amazon’s selling list to avoid future suspensions.

With the information above, we believe you now know how to resolve issues about your suspended account as a seller on Amazon. The rule is simple. Identify the root cause of the problem and find a way to correct it. Remember, the best approach is to use an experienced Amazon suspension lawyer.